Affise API

Will make your affiliate platform and custom solution work together
Turn the troublesome integration into a smooth operation with a lasting outcome with Affise APIs Integration

Why you need to use API!?

Integrating a range of technical services is a complex and time-consuming process due to different technical requirements of each and every service. Affise is eager to give you a hand and undertake all technological work for you.

With the help of Affise API our clients connect their custom integrations to Affise system in order to be able to continue working with them on the Affise platform.

Who can use Affise API?

Affiliate networks
Their clients and partners

Which value does API bring?

Direct connection
within systems
By using Affise API you can directly access any needed system and seamlessly get the data. It's your key to your partners' accounts.
Automated practicalities
on different software
API replaces a whole lot of man-hours of manual work by automating the biggest part of any updates and external development
in data exchange
Affise API provides transparency and security between networks, affiliates and advertisers in terms of the data they exchange
Realize your potential fully with Affise integration available for 30 day for free with full finctional!

Affise unique solution CPAPI — Prompt Campaign Automation

The first technology on the market which grants a prompt integration with a bulk of advertisers and automates the process of pulling offers. With its help networks cut down time and costs for integration and create immense affiliate programs in less than an hour.

Why use API?

You aim to integrate your affiliate business with more than one service or industry application;
You want to keep everything in one interface instead of maintaining different systems for every service separately;
You don't want to be overloaded with the amount of work addressing the changes of 3rd party systems;
You want to minimise the amount of time spent on every integration and to be in a click away from it;
You want your affiliates to be able to do frequent calls to your system and pull the needed data for your mutually beneficial cooperation.

Your way to getting started with Affise

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Affise manager contacts you
Affise success department walks you through the whole onboarding process
Set Up
You are all set up and ready to sky-rocket your business
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